Staying in the Game

Staying in the Game

As a therapist, I have had lots of experience with people that are in pain because of living an active lifestyle. I have also witnessed as a therapist will tell someone that they should quit doing whatever activity that is hurting them. Quit playing golf, playing tennis, running marathons, working out, their JOB ( yes, believe it or not, I have even heard this one), etc., Almost as though living an active lifestyle, or even going to work, has become a dysfunctional behavior. Quit doing what's hurting you, and you will get better.

Not much of a choice, if you ask me. The truth is, people can't just quit any activity that they are passionate about, or that simply makes them happy. That would be like asking them to quit being who they are. Yes, you might live with less pain, but then, you might not have as much fulfillment. As a person who has a long list of things that I am also extremely passionate about, I can understand the whole concept of refusing to quit doing what feeds your soul. You would rather deal with the physical pain, rather than the pain of not being able to do what you LOVE.


That is why my philosophy is centered around keeping you in the game. By taking the proper steps, you can help to eliminate, or at least manage pain, and continue doing whatever it is you do.

So, whether it's a high level sport, or just pick-up games on the weekend... Any hobby that keeps you physically active, to a day at the job... Being proactive about managing your pain levels can help to help you stay in the game.

I'll do a simple follow up post in a couple of days on what some of these steps are, so be looking out for it.